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Sleeping arrangements III

Sleeping arrangements III

In continuation with the previous post, there are again many other arrangements that one can check out in their quest for that perfect set-up for their lifestyle. 

Swinging Cribs

In replacement of moses baskets, there ae smaller size cribs that have more traditional feel because these are typically made of wood, slightly bigger than moses baskets in terms of space for the baby and size of the crib itself. They may or may not have swinging,rocking or gliding features but typically they come with one or the other.

Usually the cribs are not supplied with mattress so it is better to buy the mattress from the same brand to ensure that they fit. Fitted sheets are added essentials.

Co-sleepers/ Bedside cots

With the popularity of breastfeeding on the rise, many individuals are now choosing to breastfeed. This is gaining momentum in almost all parts of the Urban World. I must say it is actually a very good trend where we are trying to embrace our natural ways of living. 

Therefore having your baby at your arm's reach will be essential if you want to give continuation to breastfeeding throughout infancy. There will be less chances of sleep deprivation for mothers which will have beneficial effects on both mother and the baby.

Co-sleepers or bedside cots as they are termed, depending on the region, are fundamentally cribs that have one side that can be completely folded downwards so you can attach these units next to your beds. This is an ideal solution for those parents who are concerned about having the baby on the bed with them but need the baby in a seperate area near their reach.

Typically these units can also be turned into standalone cribs when necessary.

Fitted sheets are required for the mattress.

Small foldable Co-sleepers

These are small nest-like space that are designed to be put next to you on your bed so that you can have the baby sleep safely next to you for the first few months. They are smaller in size so they only last for 2-3 months depending on the growth of the baby.

However due to their size and also the ease of folding function, they are portable and can be carried around to other places if you are going for visits outside of home.


Nursery Room


A lot of people still prefer to build a nursery room separately for the baby. In itself, this arrangement really is not bad or negative but it may require more work on the parent's part during night time feeds.


The first few months, it may be hard and tiring for the nursing mother to keep going to the nursery to feed the baby every 1-2 hours. As the baby grows bigger then the gap between feeds becomes longer. But just when your body is recovering from delivering your baby and resting well is crucial, it may be very difficult to find motivation to continue breastfeeding at this rate. However having the baby in the nursery does provide your partner good night's rest and privacy for the parents.


Typically, you have the option of choosing between cots that can be used as standalone secured space until 2 years or cotbeds that can be used upto 5 years because they can be converted into low junior beds.

This part concludes my input on sleeping arrangements that are popular. 

However everyone has their own unique ideas and creative ways to solve issues. You can also be inspired to come up with your own solutions.

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