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Sleeping arrangements II

Sleeping arrangements II

In my previous post, I had elaborated on the concept of co-sleeping which is still part of the norm in many different cultures. However, these days many people prefer to have the baby sleeping separately for various reasons.

Mostly people prefer having baby in the same room but in a separate area. This is a very practical solution which allows you to have more rest time and also the peace of mind of having your baby close.

There are several different arrangements that you can work out for this.

Moses Basket

Moses Baskets are very popular with mothers who want their baby to be close to them at night. They are smaller in size and may work for those who have space issues at home.

Having the baby in the moses basket next to your bed will allow you to have your baby at arm’s reach when it comes to feeding time. This arrangement may make it very easy for you for the first few months when you are physically recovering post child-birth.

Depending on the region where you are, moses baskets may sometimes be referred to as bassinets. These baskets are traditionally weaved from wicker. These days there are some brands that are making the base of the baskets out of recyclable plastic. The advantage of having the plastic base is that it is less likely to get moldy over a period of time.

Advantages of having moses basket

  • It is very easy to move from room to room. This can come in handy during day time.
  • They are usually reasonably priced.
  • You will have a greater peace of mind by having your baby near you.

Things you will need to make it functional

  • Mattresses are typically supplied together with the basket, so you will just need to buy fitted sheets.
  • It is best to stick to the same brand when buying fitted sheets as different brands have different dimensions.
  • Most brands also buy their own stands for nesting the basket so that you don’t have to put the basket on the floor which is not ideal.
  • By having it on a stand you also have it at a higher level for having access to the baby.
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