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Picture of Eco Baby Body Wash 200ml

Eco Baby Body Wash 200ml

Item Code: AT60000209
Picture of Eco Baby Moisturizer 200ml

Eco Baby Moisturizer 200ml

Item Code: AT60000211
Picture of Eco Baby Nappy Balm 60ml

Eco Baby Nappy Balm 60ml

Item Code: AT60000212
Picture of Eco Baby Oil 125ml

Eco Baby Oil 125ml

Item Code: AT60000214
Picture of Eco Baby Shampoo 200ml

Eco Baby Shampoo 200ml

Item Code: AT60000208
Picture of Eco Baby Sleepy Time Bath 200ml

Eco Baby Sleepy Time Bath 200ml

Item Code: AT60000207
Picture of Eco Bubble Bath 200ml

Eco Bubble Bath 200ml

Item Code: AT60000210
Picture of Eco Goat's Milk & Lavender Baby Soap 80g

Eco Goat's Milk & Lavender Baby Soap 80g

Item Code: AT60000213

Don’t Skimp On Baby Body Wash

Your baby’s toiletries are an integral part of your baby’s life if you intend to keep them squeaky clean after a day out or crawling around the house. Most parents would not give it much thought, but they should, as it has become such a common part of life that they tend to take it for granted. The fact is parents adore that delicious baby smell, and to get it back, a good scrub and wash with high quality products is a must!

A baby’s skin is thinner and more prone to dryness. A baby body wash is used almost daily in your baby’s daily life. Therefore, you need to make sure that you choose a brand that is chemical free. This is to ensure that your delicate baby does not get any skin irritation after a cleaning bath. Remember to choose a good product and scrub between those baby creases, toes and diaper areas.

At Baby Basics, we carry mostly natural and organic baby body wash products for parents to choose for their little ones. Enjoy a complete peace of mind with no potential hazards or health concerns with our specially-formulated products.

Safe & Natural Baby Shampoo

The same principle applies when choosing a baby shampoo product. Parents should carefully review the ingredients in the products before making a choice. They must be as natural and chemical-free as possible.

At Baby Basics, our range of baby shampoo products are designed to leave your baby’s hair soft and smooth naturally while being chemically-free. They provide a gentle cleansing effect with special ingredients that focus on providing the necessary nourishment to keep the baby’s scalp healthy, and promote hair growth. Parents can also consider organic, tear-free and is also soap-free products from within our diverse range too.

Still not sure which product to choose? Our friendly and expert staff are always on hand to help you make an informed purchase.