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Picture of Highchair Insert Dinner Time

Highchair Insert Dinner Time

Item Code: AF10000041

Totseats - Alphabet

Item Code: AF60000006

Totseats - Apple

Item Code: AF60000008
Picture of M&P Snax High Chair - Safari

M&P Snax High Chair - Safari

Item Code: AF60000022
Picture of M&P San Remo Highchair - Fruit

M&P San Remo Highchair - Fruit

Item Code: AF60000023

High Chair for Hong Kong Babies

Let your baby comfortably take their seat at the table while eating meals. Every baby needs a high chair, and it will go a long way in keeping your baby secured safely and comfortably while you feed them.

Parents should always choose a high chair based on what your priorities are. Nowadays, a lot of different brands offer high chairs with many features that may not directly relate to only feeding activity in upright positions. Most brands available in the high chair Hong Kong market now also provide different angles of reclining seats, and some even allow your little one to lie down completely flat for day time naps.

The main feature of a high chair should be its sturdiness and ease of cleaning, because rest assured you little one will likely get playful and make it a messy affair! While form may be sacrificed for function, we recommend that you can't go wrong by sticking with basic plastic model or one with easily wipeable fabric.

Selecting A Feeding Chair Baby

Another option in replacement of high chair would be a feeding chair for your baby so that they can pull up a seat at the table. It should fold up easily, is compact, and is always there when you need it. Literally, it is a high chair on-the-go!

Feeding chairs are designed to be strapped on to adult chairs with straps to secure your baby on to the chair. This provides more convenience for families that are short on furniture space and it is easier for transport.

A feeding chair allows your baby to be safe and comfortable while eating at the table, without costing you the investment in a proper high chair. Some designs are also squashable and washable for added durability, while coming in a variety of patterns.