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Picture of Angelcare Bath Support

Angelcare Bath Support

Item Code: AB20000001

Bath Seat Oval - White/Grey

Item Code: AB20000003
Picture of Acqua Bambino Bath Support - White/Grey

Acqua Bambino Bath Support - White/Grey

Item Code: AB20000004
Picture of Oval Bath - White

Oval Bath - White

Item Code: AB20000011

Bath Stage 2 Ergo - White

Item Code: AB20000012
Picture of Shnuggle Bath

Shnuggle Bath

From HK$299.00

Summer Infant NB To Toddler Fold Away Bath Green

Item Code: AB20000013
Picture of Moby Bathtub

Moby Bathtub

Item Code: AB20000005

Choosing The Right Baby Bath Tub

Bathing your baby is often tricky for new parents, because it often involves “juggling” your baby through various awkward positions, and it can be an endurance in slippery conditions. A baby bath tub will provide you with a flexible solution to bathe your baby comfortably and safely. 

Some parents prefer putting the baby bath tub on top of large kitchen sink, so it is easier to give bath to your baby in a standing position. On the other hand, some people may prefer using it inside the adult bath tub if they are comfortable in a kneeling position. There are also people that may wish to use the product on top of big kitchen tables too. So you basically enjoy the choice of taking and using the bathtub wherever you find it most comfortable. The choice is yours!

A baby bath tub will also provide a safer and more comfortable experience for your baby. Products are often manufactured with impact-resistant material for maximum durability. They also usually come with a contoured back with non-slip features, so that your baby stays safely and comfortably in place while bathing.

Products are often designed to work for different ages, whether they are newborns, infants, or early toddlers. Some larger or more versatile products can even work across different ages or double as a changing table, so one bath tub is all you need! You may also look into foldable bathtubs if you are short on space, or if you would like to carry it with you while stepping out.

At Baby Basics, we offer a wide range of innovative baby bath tubs for Hong Kong babies. Parents can simply browse our product range, and select the best one that suits their needs. Although it may be confusing for parents when choosing the right product for them and their baby, our expert staff is always here to help!